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Dear Benchmark Family,


On Sunday we looked at the results of being filled with the Spirit, i.e., what happens when we swim out into the deep end or allow the Lord to fully inhabit the houses of our hearts. What God wants to accomplish in this world and in our lives is according to Who God Himself is. We must understand that the essence of God is foreign to our flesh; we cannot comprehend God with a natural mind, and we cannot manifest Christ in the world with an unregenerate heart. The “kindness” of the world may accomplish acts of love toward others according to what is culturally acceptable, and will likewise bring applause for its deeds. The Spirit-filled man or woman, with a mind renewed by the Word of God and a heart yielded to His will, actually loves others because Jesus does. It is supernatural—that is the difference. Man by himself can only offer measured kindness, a courteous “hello” to someone we dislike, a cup of water to the thirsty…Only Jesus offers a fountain of living water that flows through us, spilling over with abandon onto everyone in our path. When we throw open the front door of our will and surrender to His, we will find ourselves in an ocean of His love. We will not drown; we cannot, for we will no longer be our fleshly selves flailing against the surf. We will be transformed, living beyond the limits of our carnal souls and thriving as the new, supernatural creatures of God’s love that He made us to be. He died for that to happen; let us live for it.


In Christ,



BBC Staff





Please view the Benchmark events calendar on our website.



Mission: Spain!

We are close to reaching our goal, and there is still time to share in the harvest through giving as our team prepares to launch in just five weeks! Please join us in praying for the kids and teens we will be ministering to, for the missionaries there, and for our team as we travel and serve—more details to come. Thank you for being a part of the work God is doing in Spain. ¡Viva España!

To donate to Spain2022, please follow this link.


The Blessing of Babies

Last Sunday we had the opportunity to pray for our growing families as they dedicated their children to the Lord. What a privilege it is to have a part in their lives. As their extended family in Christ, let us remember these little ones and their parents in our prayers—that they would seek the Lord and walk with Him always: Hallie Templet (Talon and Courtney), Landon Frank (Dustin and Devon), Steele Mays and Teagan Mays (Trent and Meghan), River Slaten (Parker and Angela).



Nursing Mothers’ Room

With the blessing of recent additions to our church family, it is a good time to remind all of our nursing mothers that we have a private room set aside just for you. If you would like a quiet place to feed your baby, please follow the KIDS Ministry hallway toward the youth garage. You’ll find the room on your right before you reach the bathrooms. Please ring the KIDS Ministry doorbell (near the north entrance) if the security door is closed.



Women’s Ministry: Save the Date!

We are excited about our summer series, “The Beatitudes,” with our own Margaret Ashmore. The series will begin Thursday evening, July 21st and will conclude August 25th. Each week will build in gradual crescendo, culminating in our women’s conference on August 27th and featuring Valerie Shepard, daughter of late missionaries Jim and Elisabeth Elliot.



Benchmark Summer Snapshot

Have you wondered what’s happening within our church family this summer? Here’s a preview of what is to come:


  • Outreach: July 4th Parade
  • Worship: Worship night and auditions for Worship Team
  • Men: Ranger’s game
  • Women: The Beatitudes with Margaret Ashmore, and women’s conference with special

guest, Valerie Shepard

  • App: Studies, fellowship nights, and various activities TBD
  • Youth: Summer hangouts and youth events
  • Kids: VBS, family meetups, 4th and 5th grade hangout

The world entertains; the Body of Christ gathers for ministry, service, fellowship, and joy in the Lord, and ALL to glorify Him!




Check our calendar for specific dates.



App Groups: Various times and locations, virtual and in-person


Classes: A Biblical View of Depression, Fear, and Anxiety • Sundays @ 9 AM-10 AM

Prayer: Saturdays @ 7:30 AM via Zoom and Sundays after the service by the stage

How can we pray for you? Whether you are experiencing a significant life event or a reason to celebrate, we share one another’s joys and burdens as a family, for Him.

For prayer requests or to join the prayer team, please contact John: john@benchmarkbible.org


Men’s Ministry: App Group on Mondays


Women’s Ministry: Bible Studies TBA


Youth Ministry: 3 Wednesdays per month @ 6:30 PM





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