Welcome to the Two45Fund Webpage

44 All the believers were together and had everything in common. 45 They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. – Acts 2:44-45

The Two45Fund is a ministry of Benchmark Bible Church designed to help those in our Benchmark family who have been physically and financially affected by the Coronavirus. Below you will find two different ways you can be involved with this ministry.


There are two ways to be involved as a giver.

  1. You can give financially straight to Benchmark, and we will connect 100% of you gift directly to a person or family in need. All you need to do is click the Donate Now button below and follow the steps provided.
  2. You may choose to pay for a specific need from the needs listed below on this page. All these needs are anonymous, but %100 of your gift will go to cover that specific need. Just click the Donate Now button below and let us know which need you would like to meet in the “Notes” section. Once a need has been met, it will be removed from the needs list below.

Needs Requested by the Benchmark Family

Thank you for giving generously! As we meet needs, they will be listed below. When the needs exceed what has been given to the general fund, we will list those needs here for our church family to see.

AT01 Family Vehicle Repair $562 – THIS NEED HAS BEEN FULFILLED.

AT02 Family Vehicle Insurance $1,000 – THIS NEED HAS BEEN FILLED.

AT03 Family Vehicle Payment $489 – THIS NEED HAS BEEN FILLED.

OT01 Family Assistance $500 – THIS NEED HAS BEEN FILLED.

OT02 Family Assistance $500 – THIS NEED HAS BEEN FILLED.

OT03 Family Assistance $500 – THIS NEED HAS BEEN FILLED.

OT04 Family Assistance $500 – THIS NEED HAS BEEN FILLED.

OT05 Family Assistance $500 – THIS NEED HAS BEEN FILLED.

OT06 Family Assistance $500 – THIS NEED HAS BEEN FILLED.

OT07 Family Emergency $500 – THIS NEED HAS BEEN FILLED.

OT08 Family Assistance $500 – THIS NEED HAS BEEN FILLED.

HO01 Home Repair $1,000 – THIS NEED HAS BEEN FILLED.



If you have been physically or financially affected by the Coronavirus and would like to receive aid from the Two45Fund, please click the Submit button below and fill out the form that is given. Once we receive your request, you will be contacted to discuss how the Body of Christ can help you during this time. Please know that your name and information will be kept confidential unless you specify otherwise.


You may not know this, but there are a lot of resources available to us by the companies we use every day. Here are a few resource ideas to help you in the midst of this crisis. With these resources, be prepared to show that the COVID-19 Coronavirus has adversely affected you financially.

1. Credit cards: Did you know that you can call your credit card company and ask them to postpone your payments for at least one month. Many CC companies will do this without increased interest, with no late fee, and without reporting to credit agencies. Contact you CC company and see what help is available to you.
2. Mortgage: Some mortgage companies will allow people to forebear payment. If your payment is actually “late” there may be even more options available to you. Contact you mortgage company to see how they can help.
3. Car Loans: Most car loans are through banks or the car companies themselves. Did you know that in most cases, you can postpone making car payments for 3 months if you can cite the financial effects from the Covid-19. You can do this for each car you own.
4. Personal Loans: This depends on your bank: but most banks and credit unions will defer loan payments for up to 30 days without penalty. Contact you bank and see what is available to you.
Here are some other resources that may be able to help as well.

Serve Denton – Click on Covid 19 Resources and a long list of organizations open up

Rental Assistance Denton County –

Interfaith Ministries – Denton gives help with Utilities

Christian Community Action – 800-749-3595 gives help with Utilities, RX

Coserve – Financial Services – 800-677-8264 opt 5 gives help with Utilities