The Gospel


Life is tough.  Each day often seems like an up-hill climb. The reason for that is sin.  Your sin and my sin.  Sin has broken us, flawed us, and separated us.  Most of us would like to think that the bad decisions we have each made are no big deal.  We would like to just move on and forget about the wrong we have done.  Or we would like to think that we can just do more good to cover up what ever bad is in our past. It is part of human nature to think that we can fix ourselves, or pull ourselves up by our own boot straps, so to speak.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way with spiritual stuff.  You can’t fix the broken spiritual part of you.  And that is what sin is.  It is a spiritual flaw in our spiritual code that keeps us from performing our function as we were intended to perform.  It makes life tough, and if it’s not dealt with, it will take away our life… eternally.

Now a lot of people think that Jesus was just a good man who did good things.  Or maybe they will go as far as to say that He was some sort of prophet.  But Jesus is much more than that.  He is the Savior, because He is God.  He came to earth not just to give us a good example to follow, but to fix our spiritual flaws.  That is what Christians mean by “Savior”.  He is the only One who can fix our broken spiritual code, because He is the One who wrote our code perfectly in the first place.  And the stuff in the Bible, it really works.  Not just for some people, not just in some cultures, but for everyone in every culture.  “Love your neighbor” works everywhere.  “God so loved the world” is true of the world.  That means it will work for you, too.

So, here is the problem, no one wants to think about the junk that we have done.  We don’t want all our stupid decisions or mistakes to be seen by the world.  We want to look good, be seen as good, so we hide.  Do you really think you can hide from God?  He already knows your stuff.  And trust me, all that hiding stuff and burying down deep of pain becomes nothing more than a heavy weight that you can’t carry.  And a more common sense question is “How’s that working for you?”  Is the weight gone?  Is the sin dealt with or is it still there?

I know it is counter intuitive, but each of us must trust Jesus.  Trust that He is who the Bible says He is.  That He can take away your sin.  That He can give you a new life…one that is eternal.  Jesus won’t make all your problems disappear. He will give you much more than that.  Peace, Rest, Strength, Power, Joy, Truth, Understanding.

Trust Jesus.