Student Ministry Job Description


Reports to: Chris Wilson – Lead Pastor Benchmark Bible Church

Qualifications and Position Requirements:

  • – One who exhibits a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, a teachable spirit, and a healthy family life.
  • – One who possesses a bachelor’s degree, experience in youth ministry, basic administrative skills, and a personal spiritual life congruent with biblical mandates for leaders (1 Timothy 3:1-7).
  • – One who is capable of creating and executing a long-term vision for Benchmark Student Ministry.
  • – One who is gifted and is called to youth ministry, loves young people, and has a passion for discipleship and outreach, both personally and at the ministry level.
  • – An engaging teacher, with a strong biblical and theological background, who is in agreement with Benchmark’s statement of faith.
  • – A self-motivated leader, capable of casting and imparting vision for ministry, possessing relational skills with students, parents, and staff.

 Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities:
At present, the following ministries are involved: teenagers, and young adults. Ministries shall be age-defined and involve various purposes within each age-group, i.e. outreach, worship, fellowship, discipleship and service.

  • – Lead and organize effective youth programs implementing fellowship, worship, biblical teaching, discipleship, and evangelism, as well as possible service and mission opportunities.
  • – Recruit, train and shepherd volunteer youth staff with diverse gifts and personalities.
  • – Provide counseling and spiritual direction to youth as needed.
  • – Maintain contact with students and parents, keeping them informed of ongoing activities. Keep parents updated on ministry strategies and plans in a way that encourages partnership and involvement.
  • – Support BBC parents in effectively fulfilling their roles as Christian parents, in concert with other pastoral staff.
  • – Assist in the development and oversight of the youth ministry budget; also manage student fees for events and trips in a timely fashion.
  • – Participate as needed or requested in the evaluation and development of the overall church ministry.

Ministry Expectations:

  • – Grow Benchmark Student Ministries in meaningful ways.
  • – Participate in weekly staff meetings.
  • – Recruit and Shepherd ministry volunteers.
  • – Oversee Next Generation Small Group
  • – Weekly one hour one-on-one mentoring by the Senior Pastor so he may provide encouragement, direction, support, and challenge you toward holiness and righteousness.
  • – Attend worship services, prayer service, and special meetings.
  • – Present semi-annual ministry updates and goals for the coming year to the Elder board.
  • – Participate in a yearly job performance review.
  • – Present a yearly Next Generation Ministries budget proposals.
  • – Stay current with the next generation ministry practices by reading, attending leadership conferences, etc.
  • – Understand there will be an annual review to determine if he continues in the office of Next Generation Pastor.

 Weekly Time Expectations:

  • – BSM Wednesday Night Event – 3hrs
  • – BSM Student and Parent Communication – 1hr
  • – BSM Teaching Prep – 5-7hrs
  • – Outside Student Events – 2hrs
  • – BSM Administration – 1hr
  • – BSM Leader development – 1hr

Total: 15hrs/wk