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Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

             If you are following our Facebook page, you may have seen the recent post featuring a trailer from a television series called The Chosen. This fantastic show is created and directed by Dallas Jenkins, son of the Left Behind book series author, Jerry Jenkins. It is also yet another tool for reaching the lost with the gospel message!

            The Chosen is Scripturally based, with creative license taken only to support the context that the Bible already gives. In the scene below, enjoy watching a powerful depiction of what the meeting between Nicodemus and our Lord may have looked like (see John 3). If you have ever thought you had to work tirelessly to please God, and instead discovered His abundant grace, you just might get chills watching this, as I did. Enjoy the clip, and please share the link from our Benchmark Bible Church Facebook page.

 In Christ,

 John Ball

Outreach Pastor