Application Groups

This is How We Do Life Together

At Benchmark we want to make it easy for people to get connected and dive deep into God’s Word.  

Application Groups (App Groups)

If we are to stand firm in our faith we need other Christians around us encouraging us and sharpening us in our faith.  At Benchmark, App Groups are designed to help give Christians encouraging community while also diving deep into the Word of God.  The reason we call it “App Groups” is because we want to people who are transformed by God.  This can only happen by the application of God’s Word in our lives.  These groups encourage just that.  Not just Bible knowledge, but understanding that leads to application in our lives.

At Benchmark we have App Groups that meet throughout the week, and new groups are starting each semester.  If you are looking for brothers and sisters to walk beside you on your journey with Christ, consider joining a Benchmark App Group.

If you are interested in join a group, please contact Dale Peterson at Or let us know through our Contact form here.