Help Get Chad A Kidney

Welcome to the Help-Chad-Get-A-Kidney Webpage.

Yep, that’s right. We are trying to help our friend, Chad Miller, get an actual kidney.

So, Who Is Chad Miller?

Of course, anyone considering helping Chad will want to know a little bit about him. Chad is an ordinary guy just like everyone else. He is a father, son, brother, husband, and friend. He is loved by his family, his church, and respected by the people he comes in contact with.  Below are some things I asked Chad to share with you about his situation and his life.image3

“Hello. My name is Chad Miller. I am 55 years old and live in Denton, Texas. I have been married to my wonderful wife, Sherri, for 32 years. We have been blessed with our beautiful daughter, Courtney, and a fantastic son-in-law, Elliot. I became a Christian 45 years ago at the First Baptist Church in Denton. It was then and there that I placed my trust in Jesus Christ, realizing that God means what He says and what He says can be trusted. As I got older and my faith in God grew, He allowed me the opportunity to lead Bible Studies for inmates incarcerated in the Denton County Prison. I spent 12 years leading in that ministry, but due to my health issues was forced to step out of service.

image1When I was 1o years old I was diagnosed as having type 1 diabetes. And when I was 31 years old I went into kidney failure for the first time. A biopsy showed that I had nodules on my kidneys that ultimately led to my kidneys failing. It was later that year I had a kidney and pancreas transplant. At that time in my life I was running my own real estate and construction business. However, due to the problems with my health, I had to close my business and look for a new, less physical and time consuming profession. Currently, I work for Cabela’s in Ft. Worth.

For years, things with my first kidney transplant seemed to be going well; however, the kidney I received in 1996 has recently stopped functioning. Now, I meet weekly with my doctor for monitoring and go to dialysis 3 times a week. I have been placed on the national transplant list and am waiting for an opportunity to receive another kidney from a selfless donor.”


How Can I Help?

When people hear Chad’s story or stories like his, we naturally want to help.  But for most of us, we simply don’t know what to do.  Here are three ways you can immediately help Chad Miller.

  1. Pray: We are talking about Chad’s life, so the greatest thing you can do is to reach out to the One who created Chad, Jesus Christ.  Please pray that God would protect Chad’s health as he waits for a donor.  Pray that God would touch someone’s heart with compassion and boldness to want to help Chad through the donation of their kidney.  Pray that God would receive all the glory in whatever He chooses to do in and through this process.
  1. Share: We see every day what the power of social media can do.  Our hope is that you will share this website with your friends via social media – Facebook, Twitter, whatever. We want as many people as possible to see this website and hear Chad’s story.  Just copy this link,, and send it out in a post, tweet, or email to all your friends.  Remember, the more people that see and share this, the greater the opportunity for Chad to receive the life-giving kidney that he desperately needs.
  1. Give: This sounds weird to even ask, but here it goes. You can give Chad one of your kidneysIf you have the blood type “A positive” or “A negative”, you could be a possible donor for Chad.  This is a big deal.  So if you are considering this, please consult with your family, your friends, your doctor, and most importantly God for wisdom in making the right decision.  Beyond that, the process is simple.

How Do I Give My Kidney to Chad?

If you are seriously considering donating one of your kidney’s to Chad (and I do mean seriously) or you have further questions,

Simply click here to get started.

This link will take you to a contact page where you will be asked to submit your name, email address, and phone number along with a brief note about your intentions.  Your information is private and will not be sold or solicited in any way.  You will however be contacted by someone connected with Chad Miller and his national organ donor transplant team.

Finally, if you wish to send Chad a note of encouragement or to let him know that you are praying for him you may do so in the comment section below.  I know he would be blessed to know that you are on his side.  Please don’t use the link above unless you are considering being a donor.

Thank you so much and may God bless you.