Audio Archive

Below are Audio Recordings that date back to December 2013.  We hope you enjoy.

Date: 1/4/15 TitleMatt 5:13-16 – What God Wants His Church to Be Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 12/28/14 TitleJohn 4:7-30 – Treating the Problem, Not The Symptom Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 12/21/14 TitleWhat If There Was No Christmas? Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 12/14/14 TitleThe Spiritual Leadership of the Church Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 12/7/14 Title1 John 5:13-21 – 5 Certainties for Christians Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 11/30/14 Title1 John 5:6-12 – What Believers Possess Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 11/23/14 Title1 John 5:1-5 – Who Is A Believer? Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 11/16/14 Title1 John 4:17-21 – Love and Judgment Teacher: Aaron Campbell


Date: 11/9/14 Title1 John 4:7-16 – The Source and Inspiration of Love Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 11/2/14 Title1 John 3:24-4:6 – Discerning What Is Of God Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 10/26/14 Title1 John 3:19-23 – What Love Does For Me Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 10/19/14 Title1 John 3:10-18 – What is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt Me… Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 10/12/14 Title1 John 3:4-10 – Two Children: Part 2 Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 10/5/14 Title1 John 2:28-3:3 – Two Children: Part 1 Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 9/28/14 Title1 John 2:18-27 – Caution: Keep The Faith Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 9/21/14 Title1 John 2:13-17 – Separation from the World Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 9/14/14 Title1 John 2:3-11 The Knowing God Trifecta Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 9/7/14 Title1 John 1:1-2:2 – Keeping in Fellowship With God Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 8/31/14 TitleState of the Church 2014 Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 8/24/14 TitleJohn 15:12-27 – Love One Another: The Ministry of the Believer Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 8/17/14 Title: John 15:1-11 – Abiding in Christ – Relationship Vs. Rules Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 8/10/14 Title: John 1:13 – Christ: The Key To The Gospel Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 8/3/14 TitleDefining Christianity Teacher: Aaron Campbell

Date: 7/27/14  Title: Jonah 4 – The Pouting Prophet Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 7/20/14  Title: Jonah 3 – The Preaching Prophet Teacher: Chris Wilson

I apologize but the audio for this sermon has been lost.  However, here are the sermon notes for your viewing.

Sermon Notes Jonah 3

Date: 7/13/14  Title: Jonah 2 – The Praying Prophet Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 7/6/14  Title: Jonah 1 – The Prodigal Prophet Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 6/29/14  Title: Luke 16:14-31 – You Can’t Justify Yourself Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 6/22/14  Title: Luke 15:11-32 – Beautiful Restoration Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 6/15/14  Title: Luke 10:25-37 – Letting Go Of Legalism Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 6/8/14  Title: Luke 9 – Following After Christ Teacher: Aaron Campbell

Date: 6/1/14  Title: Philemon – Living Out The Gospel Teacher: Chris Wilson

2014 Series: Ephesians: God Building His Church

Date: 5/25/14  Title: War: Fighting a Spiritual Enemy Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 5/11/14  Title: Walking in Wisdom – The Redemption of the Home Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 5/4/14  Title: Walking in Wisdom – The Redemption of Marriage Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 4/27/14  Title: Walking in Wisdom  Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 4/20/14  Title: Passover and the Cross – Easter  Teacher: Chris Wilson

Sermon Notes Easter – Passover and the Cross

Date: 4/13/14  Title: A Light to the Blind  –  John 9  Teacher: Aaron Campbell

Date: 4/6/14  Title: Wake Up, Oh Sleeper  –  Eph 5:6-14  Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 3/30/14  Title: Imitators of God  –  Eph 5:1-6  Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 3/23/14  Title: The Practice of Christianity –  Eph 4:25-32  Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 3/16/14  Title: The Glorious Gospel of Grace – 1 Tim 1:12-17  Teacher: Jeff Wiesner


Date: 3/9/14  Title: Walking In Holiness – Eph 4:17-24  Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 3/2/14  Title: Preserving Unity in the Church – Eph 4:7-16  Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 2/23/14  Title: The Foundations of Unity – Eph 4:1-6  Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 2/16/14  Title: His Power, His Love, His Glory – Eph 3:14-21  Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 2/9/14  Title: The Eternal Purpose of the Church – Eph 3:1-13  Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 2/2/14  Title: Two People, One Church – Eph 2:11-22  Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 1/26/14 Title: Old Condition, New Position – Eph 2:1-10 Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 1/19/14 Title: Paul’s Prayer for a Sanctified Church – Eph 1:15-23 Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 1/12/14 Title: The Nature of Our Salvation – Eph 1:1-14 Teacher: Chris Wilson

Date: 1/5/14  Title: Spiritual Success – Joshua 1:5-9 Teacher: Chris Wilson


Date: 12/22/13  Title: 8 Christmas Prophecies  Teacher: Chris Wilson